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Hard metal studs – for vehicles

Fitted and removed easily with the accompanying special socket. The socket is provided with a default setting to provide a stud protrusion of 3 mm. The protrusion may vary depending on the resistance of the rubber so readjustment may be necessary. However, it is easy to learn the fitting technique. To remove the HM stud adjust the depth stop on the special socket backwards. Even well-worn studs can be removed.

See fitting video


Ground rules

Ensure that the stud you are using has a margin of 1mm between length and the tyre contact patch height, that is, for an 18 mm stud a minimum rubber contact patch height of 17mm. Cord thickness varies between 4-20mm depending on the type of tyre.

Count the number of contact patches on the tyre and decide on a mounting strategy for best results. If you are in any doubt – choose a shorter model.


X-model – for shoes

Use standard Phillips screwdriver or preferably a cordless drill with crosshead bit. Screw in the stud so that only a couple of millimetres is visible. The head then has a good support base. Remove using crosshead bit or pliers.

See fitiing video