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17 June, 2016

New company owner

As of 1/7 2016, Maxigrip AB has changed owner.

The new owner is Niso Teknik AB, owner of Safety Seal Europe AB who have existing international distribution including businesses in Germany and Lithuania.

Maxigrip AB will continue as before but from the new address in Grästorp, under the leadership of Bengt-Åke Nilsson. 

Safety Seal Europe has a number of other brands for wheel and tyre accessories that will complement Maxigrip's marketing in many countries.


Bengt-Åke Nilsson wishes to welcome all customers with hopes for continuing prosperous business relations in the future.


Contact Details:

Bengt-Åke Nilsson
+46(0)514 65 90 90 (Maxigrip AB)
+46(0)514 29 02 5 (Niso teknik AB)
Plogvägen 3
467 30 Grästorp