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James Larden

James Larden is operations manager at Canada Brewster Inc. in Columbia Icefield, Alberta. 22 gigantic tourist buses drive up the mountains here on guided tours. For two seasons James has fitted MaxiGrip screw studs and is very impressed by the results. This gives us a safe and absolutely essential grip since we have to transport tourists in this fantastically beautiful but hard-to-access nature. The tyres are fitted with HM30 studs and there are about 200 studs per tyre.



Lars-Johan Edh recommends MaxiGrip!

Lars-Johan EdhLars-Johan Edh has an impressive collection of trophies in his ATV/scooter store in Jämtland. Titles like numerous times winner of the Swedish Snow Scooter Championship, Nordic Champion and a European Championship title testify to the fact that a pro works here, with extensive experience of how best to makes one’s way on snow and ice. For several seasons Lars-Johan has used MaxiGrip on all of his vehicles and is very satisfied! The studs are easy to fit he says and they stay firmly in place and provide a very good grip. Tracks for four wheelers are big right now and they are often supplied with pre-drilled holes. This makes them perfect for fitting MaxiGrip studs and Lars-Johan recommends mounting 150 studs for 4 tracks or for the same number of wheels.