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Our Concept

Our concept is to screw a special stud directly into the rubber surface on the tyre. You can do this easily with our special patented tool and a standard cordless screwdriver. If you don’t have the time or inclination to fit them yourself your local garage or workshop will certainly be able to help you.

Heavy-duty vehicles like tractors, construction vehicles and trucks used by municipalities, snow clearers, building contractors and farmers often have problems with slipping in the wintertime. The most common alternative has been to use snow chains, but they are difficult to fit and driving becomes bumpy and uncomfortable. The chains also wear both the vehicle and the road.

Another option is to fit normal tyre studs, ones that are screwed into the tyre. The disadvantage with this alternative is that it requires two sets of tyres as it is a permanent solution. Slipping can suddenly occur and maybe there isn’t a garage or workshop in the vicinity.