We have tested our studs in the field for almost 6 years, and only received positive reviews!
Below is the result of such a test:

"After seven months of driving, 600 hours on asphalt, it has been established that NO studs have come loose, ALL the carbide tips were left in the studs, and most importantly, ALL studs could be removed with the enclosed special tool. This shows that MaxiGrip can handle the most extreme conditions, they fit significantly better in the rubber than traditional studs and can be easily removed for later reuse. "


James Larden

James Larden is Business Manager at Canada Brewster Inc. in Columbia Icefield, Alberta. Here, 22 giant tourist buses roll up the mountains in guided tours. James has for two seasons studded the tyres with MaxiGrip screw stud and is very impressed with the result. This gives us safe and absolutely necessary grip when we have to transport tourists in this fantastically beautiful, but difficult to access nature. The tires are studded with HM30 and it takes about 200 studs per tyre.


Lars-Johan Edh recommends MaxiGrip!

Lars-Johan Edh Lars-Johan Edh has an impressive collection of trophies in his ATV / scooter shop in Jämtland, Sweden. Titles such as multiple Swedish Championship in snowmobile, Nordic champion and a European Championship title testify to the fact that a professional works here, with a solid experience of how to best get on snow and ice. Lars-Johan has for several seasons used MaxiGrip studs on all of his vehicles and is very satisfied! The studs are easy to install, he says, and they stay in place and give excellent grip. Bands for quad bikes are are big thing right now, and they are often equipped with pre-drilled holes. MaxiGrip studs are excellent to fit here and Lars-Johan recommends 150 studs for 4 bands, or for the same number of wheels.

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